About Länstrafiken

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Länstrafiken i Västerbotten AB has been owned by Region Västerbotten since 1 January 2012. The new law that came into force at the turn of the year stipulates that each county must have a public transport authority. In Västerbotten, this is within the framework of Region Västerbotten's activities. For more information (in Swedish) on the public transport authority, visit: Kollektivtrafikmyndigheten.

Länstrafiken's mandate is to procure and, through tender agreements with various transport providers, run interurban transport services for passengers and related conveyance of goods by bus in a country transport network within Västerbotten and in adjacent areas.

Länstrafiken also runs demand-based additional transport services in corresponding areas. Good public transport is essential for a significant proportion of the county's inhabitants for travelling to work, school, services and so on. Public transport provided by Länstrafiken forms part of the infrastructure and is a basic prerequisite for the county's growth.


Contact Länstrafiken:

Our Customer Service: tel. 0771-100 110

Office in Lycksele: tel. 0950-239 00
Fax: 0950-141 34
E-mail: brev@tabussen.nu
Visitors' address: Johan skyttes väg 6, Lycksele
Correspondence address: Box 134, 921 23 LYCKSELE